27 ago. 2013


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  1. i am a sub-slut personality and identify with and crave being demeaned, debased, degraded, despoiled, defiled, desecrated, and displayed . . . and i am irresistibly drawn and attracted to heavy super strong steel bar slave cages and see them as an erotic kind of monastic cell enclosure . . . all of the above pictired are superb . . .however i am ecstatic looking at and thinking about the heavy wood 4 by 4 construction seen in the third pic from the last above! wow! i love the central wood cut out insert which even more resctricts and restrains and contains the occupant creating immobility . . i would dream to ad love to expereince being inside this wood framed slave cage! . . i know i will be dreaming of it for sure . . . this one pictured is so scintillating and so exqusiite . . i long to experience it. (michael g.b.)